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Colts Choice (Bad in Boots, #3) Patrice Michelle

Colts Choice (Bad in Boots, #3)

Patrice Michelle

Published August 31st 2012
Kindle Edition
271 pages
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 About the Book 

**Includes mature content**Elise has never really felt settled, be it in relationships or her career. Regardless of her nomadic ways, one constant has always held true--her love for horses and being outdoors. When she inherits half-ownership to a rodeo ranch, she realizes her path in life has finally been laid. Little does she expect to find her very own cowboy at the end of it. Colt Tanner might be rough-around-the-edges, but he exudes the kind of steely confidence that intrigues her. Not to mention, he looks great in a pair of chaps. Even though Colt is her partner by circumstance, Elise is determined to prove to him shes serious about helping run the ranch. If only all these thoughts about just how good they could be together would stop getting in the way.Colt has waited half his life to fully own the Lonestar ranch. Then Elise Hamilton shows up out of the blue, claiming half-ownership. With sultry green eyes, long dark hair and kissable lips, the new part-owner of his rodeo ranch might be one of the smartest, sexiest women hed ever laid eyes on, but Colt knows shes one-hundred percent wrong for him. Even if he could ignore the fact shes from the city, he wont allow himself to forget she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Hes learned from his fathers mistakes and has no intention of repeating history. Problem is, like all temptations, the more he tells himself Elise is hands off, the more he wants to put his hands on.BAD IN BOOTS Series:* HARMS HUNGER (Book 1) ~ Novella* COLTS CHOICE (Book 2) ~ Novel* TYS TEMPTATION (Book 3) ~ Novel* JOSHS JUSTICE (Book 4) ~ Novel