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An Innocent Bride Betty Neels

An Innocent Bride

Betty Neels

Published 1952
ISBN : 9780733516023
Mass Market Paperback
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 About the Book 

A tender awakening... Aunt Thirza had been a lifeline to Katrina Gibbs, but her death left Katrina with little money and no marketable skills. She had inherited her aunts small cottage in Dorset. She also, though she didnt know it, had Simon Glenville, the wonderful doctor who had cared for Aunt Thirza. Simon knew he loved Katrina, and he thought Katrina loved him, but so much had happened to her he wasnt at all sure this innocent but gallant girl was aware of it. When the time was right, he would propose, theyd plan a white wedding, and he would cherish her all their days...