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Lepidoptera Douglas Hauger


Douglas Hauger

Published July 24th 2009
ISBN : 9781606938959
322 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Lepidoptera, by Douglas Hauger, is an epic and surreal masterpiece that spans 2,000 years of human history. What is good and evil but the choices that we make? Beside an immortal purgatory, the delicate equilibrium that is war, peace, love, hate, life and death is overseen by an entire dimension called the Lepidoptera. A dimension where Hieronymous and Maya exist. Hieronymous was once a centurion in the Roman Armies of Caesar. Fighting bloody battles with barbarian hordes was his mission to protect his beloved Rome. But Hieronymous meets his fate when he dies in battle against the Celts and crosses over to the Void (purgatory), where he ll face his biggest battle of all. Maya, his guide and maker, teaches him about why they are in this seemingly empty existence- she also holds a secret that can destroy everything she has ever known or cherished. Can Hieronymous resolve his past sins? Can he escape the fate that damned him to the Void? Hieronymous will face the most horrific battle of his life/afterlife overcoming his own self-doubts and facing the horrors that could ultimately condemn him to hell. Hauger takes the reader on a historical and surreal journey from the Roman battlegrounds of 54 BC, to the crucifixion of Christ, 16th century China and numerous historical events in the 20th century. Brilliantly written and seen through the eyes of those existing in purgatory, Lepidoptera is a spellbinding narration that explores how our choices can make the difference between heaven or hell.